Sacramento Valley Museum

Exhibits & Collections


The Sacramento Valley Museum is home to over 16,000 square feet of exhibition space which houses collections containing history that represent the Sacramento Valley from the mid 19th through the mid 20th century.  Permanent exhibits include a 19th century style general store and a room representing businesses that could be found throughout Colusa County in the late 19th century, including hotels, barber shops, and hot springs resorts.  Newer exhibits include a room dedicated to those who served in military conflicts from the Civil War to the current generation and a display centered on the Chinese population that called the region home. New exhibits and rotating displays are constantly being planned to demonstrate the collection of histories that permeate the Sacramento Valley.



The SVM has multiple rooms of exhibits that exemplify its unique collection. The exhibits can only hold part of the collection, however; there is much more in storage that is available for research. The Colusa County Historical Records Room is how the public can connect with the larger collection that is not readily available through museum’s exhibits. Prior to your first research appointment, please download the forms below.  Read them carefully, fill them out, print and sign them.  You can mail them to the SVM or bring them with you to your first appointment.  Research will be by appointment only. We are excited for researchers to soon be able to take advantage of this room and the collections it houses


Donating Collections

If you have an item or collection of historical significance that you would like to donate to the SVM, please contact the Museum Director

Renting the Museum

Looking for a great venue to host your next event? The museum and its grounds can be rented out! Call or email for more information.